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"The treatment has never been so pleasant".

Dental cleaning

Dental cleaning is essential for removing plaque and tartar, significantly reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum diseases. It also promotes the maintenance of a healthy mouth and a radiant smile. In addition, regular dental cleaning helps prevent bad breath, improves overall oral hygiene, and contributes to overall health.

During a dental cleaning, oral health is assessed, plaque is stained, education and instructions are provided, and plaque and tartar are removed.

EMS Prophylaxis Master

Cleanic Mondzorg Rijswijk Mondhygienist AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master

During a dental cleaning, oral health is assessed, information and instruction are given and dental plaque and tartar are removed.

We work with the AIRFLOW® PROPHYLAXIS MASTER according to the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). This is the latest method in the field of professional dental cleaning within oral care. It makes dental cleaning painless in most cases and ensures wonderfully clean teeth.

Many people experience the treatment as a lot more pleasant and less painful compared to the old method. As a result, you lie relaxed in the chair.


Do you also want to experience this? You can often schedule an appointment with us within the same week.


We are a GBT certified practice

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) aims for a comprehensive and minimally invasive treatment approach, with a focus on personalized treatment plans tailored to the needs of each patient. By emphasizing prevention, education, and thorough plaque removal, GBT contributes to better oral health and helps prevent periodontal diseases and other oral health issues.

The GBT-protocol includes several key steps, including:


Assessment and Diagnosis: The first step is to assess the patient's oral health, identify problem areas, and diagnose any issues such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

Plaque Staining: A coloring solution is used to stain the plaque on the patient's teeth. This helps both the patient and the dental hygienist visualize areas that require thorough cleaning.

Motivation and Education: The dental hygienist provides personalized tips and advice regarding daily oral hygiene

Professional Dental Cleaning: GBT employs various instruments for effective plaque removal:

  • Air polishing: This technique uses a mixture of air, warm water, and fine powder to gently and efficiently remove plaque, discoloration, and soft deposits from the tooth surface without damaging the enamel. The tooth surface is polished to make it smooth and ensure a clean and shiny result.

  • Ultrasone Scaling: Ultrasonic instruments use high-frequency vibrations to remove tartar and plaque from tooth surfaces and below the gumline. EMS's No Pain® technology is utilized in this process.

  • Hand Instruments: Traditional hand instruments may be used locally if necessary to gently remove any remaining deposits.


Fluoride Application: In some cases, a fluoride treatment may be applied to strengthen the teeth and provide additional protection against cavities or sensitivity.

Guided Biofilm Therapy Cleanic Mondzorg Rijswijk Mondhygienist


We are a GBT-certified practice. This means that we meet all the requirements set by EMS for certification.

GBT Certified Practice Cleanic Mondzorg Rijswijk Mondhygienist
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