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Our team of dental hygienists is ready to welcome you to our practice.

Anne Lelieveld

Owner ︱ Dental hygienist

I am Anne Lelieveld! I am from Rijswijk and I have been a dental hygienist since 2014. I am extremely passionate about oral care and get a lot of satisfaction from my work. In recent years I have worked in various practices and also contributed to the professional association. To always stay up to date, I regularly attend refresher courses and trainings.


Besides my work I am also creative, I love the beach and I like to travel. The company of my family and friends is very dear to me.


After two years of hard work, I made my dream practice come true. I'd love to show you what it looks like!

I am a member of NVM- mondhygiënisten (dental hygienists Association) and I am registered in the Kwaliteitsregister Mondhygiënisten (Quality Register for Dental Hygienists).

Anne Lelieveld Cleanic Mondzorg Rijswijk Mondhygienist
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