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Treatments for children under 18 are free; after 18, they're not covered by basic insurance.

Children are also at the right place with us!

We know how important it is to provide children with a positive and comfortable dental experience. That is why we are committed to providing the best oral care for children, including the innovative Simply Gaaf method.

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Gewoon Gaaf!

The 'Gewoon Gaaf' method is a preventive approach specifically designed for children and their parents to maintain healthy and intact teeth. This method was developed by the Ivoren Kruis, a Dutch authority in the field of oral care. The goal of 'Gewoon Gaaf'is to prevent tooth decay (caries) in children through early and effective oral care.

During the 'Gewoon Gaaf' treatment, individual goals are set for each patient. These goals may include, for example, improving the brushing routine, reducing sugar intake or improving oral care habits. By monitoring progress and performing regular checkups, the oral health of the child can be effectively monitored and adjusted where necessary.

The 'Gewoon Gaaf' method aims to motivate children and make them aware of the importance of a healthy mouth, so that tooth decay can be prevented at a young age. A positive and child-friendly approach makes a visit to the dentist a pleasant experience and encourages children to actively contribute to their own oral health.


Introduce your child to the 'Gewoon Gaaf' method and experience the caring and playful approach of our team. Together we work on cool teeth!

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