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Prices and Invoice

You will receive the bill for your care from Infomedics.

To have more time for our passion, we work together with Infomedics for billing.


For questions about the bill you can contact them

at 036 - 20 31 900 or via the website.

Pricelist 2023

The costs of an intake are personal and depend on the oral health situation. The costs range from €50 to €200. After drawing up a treatment plan, the costs will be discussed. We have set out below the codes that we declare the most for our transactions.

M01 Preventive information and/or instruction, per five minutes

M02 Consultation for evaluation of prevention, every five minutes

M03 Dental cleaning, every five minutes

M30 Treatment of sensitive tooth necks and (preventive) administration  medicine

M32 Simple bacteriological or enzymatic examination

M40 Fluoride treatment per jaw half





€ 19.95 (excluding technical costs)


T012 Examination of the gums with periodontal status

T021 Thorough cleaning root, complex

T022 Thorough cleaning root, standard

T032 Initial treatment/surgery evaluation or reassessment with periodontal status

T033 Discuss follow-up process after evaluation or reassessment

T042 Periodontal aftercare consultation

T043 Extensive periodontal aftercare consultation

T044 Complex consultation periodontal aftercare

T161 Bacteriological examination for gum treatment

T163 Local drug application

T162 Gingival abscess treatment


A10 Conduction, infiltration and/or intraligamental anesthesia

A15 Surface anesthesia

C014 Pocket registration

C015 Periodontium registration










€ 46.55 (excluding technical costs)








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